Benefits of Trampoline Training for Gymnastics

Here at Alamo Heights Gymnastics Academy in San Antonio, we understand the importance of strength training for your safety and to elevate your skills. Our programs include trampoline training as a way for our gymnasts to develop and hone their skills. Continue reading to discover the many benefits of trampoline training for gymnastics, and contact us to enroll in our programs today!


Improve Aerial Skills

Aerials and other jumps make up a large portion of gymnastics. With our experienced instructors and professional trampoline classes, you will quickly develop your strength and technique. Our trampoline training will help you achieve mastery over acrobatic maneuvers with finesse.


Add More Power To Tumbling

During trampoline training, our gymnasts are less afraid to add more power to their tumbling. Without fear, gymnasts are able to conquer more tricks with more confidence. At Alamo Heights Gymnastics Academy, we believe that trampolining is not just an activity, but a blend of pure joy and pushing limits.


Strengthen Coordination and Control

With the repetitive bouncing of the trampoline, this training offers a full-body workout. This workout develops stronger balance and coordination, as well as body awareness. These aspects are all crucial for the safety of our gymnasts, so they can have more control over their bodies while they are in the air.


Low Impact Support

As always, the safety of our gymnasts is our top priority. No matter the experience level, falls and mistakes are bound to happen when learning something new. That’s why our trampoline training offers a soft and flexible landing to protect our gymnasts against injuries. With low impact, our trampolines support our gymnast’s joints as they jump and protect them if they fall.

With regular trampoline training, gymnasts can achieve greater heights of performance and increased confidence in their ability to perform difficult gymnastic routines. Soar to new heights with our trampoline training at Alamo Heights Gymnastics Academy and enroll today!

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