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Women's Artistic Gymnastics Team

Gymnastics is very likely the most challenging and complete mental and physical workouts in the sport's world.  Our programs teach gymnasts team spirit, sportsmanship along with individual achievement.  At the core, gymnastics is an individual sport, but the atomosphere amongst the team create a stong bond. A lot of our atheletes and parents call it their "gym family".  Our small class size and individual attention allow our coaches to create realistic, personalized goals for each team member. We ask our team members to make a full commitment to this sport, respect the rules, follow their coach's directions, learn from their mistakes and be the best they can be.

Team Gymnastics is a challenging undertaking, not only for the athlete, but for their family.  We are confident that if the athletes, coaches and parents work together, we can help our gymnasts become more than just successful athletes; they will have the strength and confidence to follow their dreams.


Athletes work out on all Olympic events each week with an emphasis on learning new skills and routines and reinforcing gymnastics fundamentals.


At the compulsory levels, all gymnasts compete the exact same routines, which are design to develop required skills and technique. Physcal strength, control and body awareness are developed to allow athletes to compete safely.


Gymnasts have routines choreographed specifically for them that include specific mandatory elements. Optionals include levels 6-10. Optional levels 7 and 8 compete at the local, state and regional meets.


Level 9 also includes eastern or western national meets. Level 10 - is the USA Gymnastics highest level before entering elite competition. In this age group gymnasts compete optional routines only. They'll compete at the local, state, regional and national meet.


In our gymnastics teams, athletes will learn the 4 Women Olympic events through a training program carefully thought-out to permit each person to progress at their own pace. Only when the required skills are mastered, will they move to the next level. Our smaller class and team sizes help to ensure growth, personal attention and most of all, safety.

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